2048 Masters / Accreditations

2048 Accreditations

For a Super Grandmaster title (Super GM), the player has to complete the 32768 tile twice or have an equivalent score of 452,000 points or more.
For a Grandmaster title (GM), the player has to complete the 16384 and 8192 tiles twice or have an equivalent score of 306,000 points or more.
For an International Master (IM), the player has to complete the 16384 tile twice or have an equivalent score of 220,000 points or more.

Since 2014, 2048masters.com has collected a huge amount of data of scores of its players. We have players from all over the world playing on 2048masters.com and for the first time we have enough database to rank players. 60,000 players have registered to play so far.

Only seven players have been able to get to the 32768 tile at least once. Out of 60,000 players this is equivalent to one out of 8,500 players getting to the 32768 tile.

We have decided to give accreditation to players who have reached a high standard of excellence. They can use these titles anywhere and it indicates a mark of excellence. This is awarded by 2048masters.com and it can be taken away if the player is caught cheating in the future. This is the only website where cheating of any kind is disallowed.

How does the accreditations of titles work? The players have to show that they have reached a certain standard twice. This eliminates the possibility that it was a fluke.

This accomplishment has to be achieved at 2048masters.com. The player may have achieved these scores in other websites, but we have no way to verify or authenticate the scores. This does not mean that the scores are not genuine on other websites. We are aware of several players who have completed the 32768 tile more than once. Those accomplished players are welcomed to play on 2048masters.com and earn the accreditation.

Congratulations to the 2048 Super Grandmasters, Grandmasters and International Masters!