For The Win

2048 is an awesome game which you can play hours and hours tirelessly. The idea behind is simple and solution seems trivial yet once you get your hands dirty you will realize there is much more into it than simply moving tiles.

It might be surprising at first but in order to become a master in this game you need to think thoroughly, strategize wisely and navigate carefully in this tiny landscape of tiles. Like any other adventurer we all could use a map in these situations. This could come handy especially if you have already played the game and realized how tricky it could be to make another 1024 tile ;).

SPOILER ALERT: We all know much of the joy of playing games come from self exploration. The followings are a few tricks you can use to be a master in the game. If you would rather to explore them yourself please don’t read on.

  1. Know the goal:  The goal is simple, to generate 2048 tile (or higher). This can be achieved by combining the similar tiles to generate new tiles. For example combine 2 and 2 to create 4. Combine 4 and 4 to generate 8.  As you can see in order to win the game you need to do this in three steps:
    1. Build one 1024 tile
    2. Build another 1024 tile
    3. Combine those two 1024 tiles
  2.  Have  stratgey: The problem is building the second 1024 tile is harder than building the first one, and combining them both into one tile  is harder than past. That’s all because your have smaller real estate in each succeeding steps due to build ups of smaller tiles. That is why you need to always have a strategy to know when to allow the build up and when to clean up.
  3. Keep calm and play on: try to keep calm and not rush into moves so quickly. The beginning think of the game as chess, allow yourself some time to evaluate your moves before committing them.  Watch out for deadlocks and evaluate the chances of having new tiles in empty spaces after your move. Once you practice enough you can speed up and move fast.
  4. Corner them: The key to winning the 2048 game is in cornering your highest tile. At each step pick a corner and try to move your highest tile to that corner. Once your highest tile is in the corner don’t move it until you pair it with its match.  You can do this by filling the left or right of that tile with extra tiles, so it won’t move if you move left or right.
  5. Pair up: Try to create pairs of tiles in lines so they can be combined in near future.
  6. Watch out: Watch out for the up coming tiles.  The new tiles are inserted in random empty spaces but they are always 2 or 4. So if you are moving to a direction that leaves out empty tiles, you can increase the chance of combining them by ensuring the empty tiles are neighbors with 2 and 4 tiles.
  7. Clean up: As you proceed in the game you will realize you will run out of room for maneuvers.  You might even end up having two 1024 tiles but lose the game since there is no way for you to combine them due to lack of empty tiles. it’s up to on how often you want to clean up by merging the tiles but keep in the mind to not postpone it until it is very late.


We hope these tips were helpful in your quest to become a master in 2048 masters game.