2048 Masters / Lessons (Beginner)

How to make 4096 and above

With these simple lessons and exercises you will be able to make the 4096 tile.

Snake Chain Formation

The most common approach to 2048 is to use the Snake Chain Formation which involves placing the tiles with values decreasing one step each, one next to the other. This chain can be along borders, usually in a snake formation, but can also go inside the grid. What's important is that this chain or most of it should be part of your immutable subset (a collection of tiles that don't change as you play). So basically, you're building a tile of one step less than your highest value tile next to it in such a way that they don't move around. With this formation, you can make 8192, then 16384, and finally 32768.

Try the practice exercises below:

Stuck? Watch how to do it here:

3) How to make 64 and then 128 when your 64 gets shifted

4) How to rearrange the big pieces to continue