Enhanced Safeguards Against Cheating

2048Masters is a wonderful website for 2048 players. It allows players to compete on a level playing field without a ‘Save’ or an ‘Undo’ button. It has been a huge enjoyment for a vast majority of 2048 players who compete among friends and, for elite players, who compete with the best players in the world.

We have now added safeguards against cheating . Cheating destroys the spirit of free and honest competition. It also destroys the fun of playing when an honest player knows he/she is competing with a cheater(s).  Going forward, we will continue to monitor scores closely and will delete scores and/or players that are suspicious in nature.

12 thoughts on “Enhanced Safeguards Against Cheating”

  1. i agree that cheating is not a good thing… playing normally, i was 48 th and with the differents bugs for saving interrupted party , i had became 2th… so it makes possibility to attempt the limits of the game without loosing. I’ve wonder long time how was making cheaters to obtain a so high score… but i play simple 2048 not so bad too…

  2. Where begins the cheat and how can be fair play ? tiles are coming at random… so without saving (or undo, logout user can make that) it’s a big part of luck and a little part of science that makes first places… saving game is an other game, but the two ways of playing makes sense at my eyes… the two ways may have applications in real live and may not be neglicted… i hope the simple way will win…

  3. The system is flagging you that your score is not being done the fair way. Whether you call it cheating or not, your way of playing is definitely unfair and goes against the spirit of fair play.

    We have had several complaints from angry and upset players for several months now with regard to why no actions were being taken against cheating. To maintain the integrity of the site, we were left with no choice but to take actions. Players who have obtained scores in an unfair manner cannot register their score.

    As a friendly note, you are an excellent player who is able to score over 160,000 points with honest play. You got the fundamentals right and what you are lacking is some advanced techniques and advanced recovery plays. Once you learn that you should be able to complete 16,384 or roughly 210,000 points 90% of the time. That is with perfect human play with no mistakes.

    We have several experts who play on this site and can complete 32,768 20% of the time but they do not register their scores. They just enjoy solving this intricate, challenging and enjoyable game at the highest level.

    All the best.

    1. i was also angry when i saw that was the better cheater who was the winner and it’s why i used this solution… but , after all, i know i can still the better at this game and it’s enough for me… That i want to say, it’s i don’t do this only for playing… i’ve a very bad internet at home and i see that 2048 is a real way to ameliorate the future communications by making circulate similar and close informations on unique thread… that what i saw, a future q-bit for computers and others systems of transferring informations. For the moment, at my mind, and for a long time, your game can only show the best cheaters and, even if can’t play, i’m not probably far from the best player… but, i’m angry your concept doesn’t work… you perhaps may make two options for allowing players to play the way that they want without “cheats” or “solutions”…

  4. and no, my 160 000 wasn’t a fair play too… i’ve programmed an helper for 2048 on my computer which allows me to make game more speed 6/7 times… as other players doesn’t dispose of such ressources, i consider that’s not fair… anyway, with a virtual iq of 265 , it’ll be hard to me one day that i really play fair, even when i loose at 256… but that’s a good way:”play for play, not play for win…” … i also expected your concept can become official, one day, but sincerly, i see no way. (there will be always somewhere, somebody as me, acceding to A.I. who ride more speed than simply walker we can be, and A.I. is often a car besides who walk on foot…)

  5. for indication, when i “normally” play at your game speed and rules the max is around 109 000… people who goes more far are probably cheaters…

  6. So, i think i have harmed some players and i apologyze to them, it was only my bad curiosity which lead me to construct this solution and i’m very aware, that’s not fair at all… life is never fair but one day we will find a way to make the game fair… but this day , there will be no more competition, no first and no last… i believe in non-selection’s attitude…

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